Engineered Seeds

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Our food system is based on thousands of years of knowledge and innovation by indigenous peoples, farmers, fishers, and cooks. This rich and diverse knowledge is being marginalized and threatened, as risky technologies, such as genetically engineered seeds facilitate greater concentration, industrialization and industry control of our seeds and our entire food and farming systems.

Genetically engineered seeds have been modified at the molecular level using techniques that transfer genes between organisms in a way that does not take place in nature. The potential risks of genetically engineered crops are not well researched and extensive longitudinal studies looking at their impacts once released into the environment are lacking. Of equal or greater concern are the patents that come with these seeds which render freely saving and exchanging seeds, the way it has been done for centuries, illegal.

Genetically engineered seeds threaten agro-biodiversity which is fundamental to global food security, as well as threaten the future of food and farming through contamination.

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